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The Goals Of Cryodestruction Treatment

The Goals Of Cryodestruction Treatment

Cryosurgery is now successfully used in different spheres of medicine. This method performs its action through the deep freezing of the tissues. The effect is possible thanks to the liquid nitrogen. Its action causes the dysfunction of the vital processes in the cell. This naturally causes the cell’s death and then its gradual abruption. The pathological hotbed that have appeared on the surface of the skin or mucous membrane disappear without trace.

The cryosurgery is one of the most modern ways of surgical intervention. There are many discussions about what way of surgical treatment is preferable. The cryosurgery method has the highest qualities of the safety and efficiency.

The goals or cryosurgery are obvious. They are:

The procedure is very fast. A patient does not need to stay and the hospital. Also, there is no pre-operation preparation required.
The low temperature performs an anesthetic action. A patient does not feel any pain in the process and there is no additional anesthesia required.
The integrity of the human’s body membranes stay untouched during the procedure. It is a minimally invasive technique of surgical treatment. Such methods are more preferable because they cannot cause the massive bleeding and purulent infectious complications.
The deep damage of the uterine tissues is almost impossible. That is why cryosurgery is the best option for the women who have not had the experience of labor yet.
The appointments for the cryosurgical methods of treatment are: the uterine dysplasia, the symptoms of the papilloma virus, ectropion, leukoplakia, the chronic inflammatory process of the cervix. The cryosurgery cannot be applied in cases if a patient has STDs, pathologic scar changes of the uterine structure and any suspicions on having malignant formations.

The cryosurgery is preferably applied in the first phase of the menstrual period. After the procedure there can be a slight mucous discharge.

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